Located  in the historic Gaslamp quarter of San Diego California,..Award  winning Artist John Allen Woodward is one of the last Americans still making fine Belts,  Shoes,  Boots , Buckles,fine Wallets and  Leather goods ,as well as Jewelry,  by hand.  John has been featured on television, magazines,books and news papers, so you may recognize him....His client list is a diverse "who's who", of entertainers,politicians, titans of industry and working cowboys..Although they all have different tastes and needs,they all have one thing in common.John's clients demand the finest design,craftsmanship and customer service money can buy,and it must represent their personal unique style..John's work will bear his handwritten signature, and stamp, and is not authentic with out both. We hope you'll visit our store in San Diego when you're in the area.We have a large inventory of  leather goods ,silver buckles ,jewelry and other items not listed in our online store..IF we don't have it in stock we'll make it custom for you from your design ideas or ours.
......(.Click here for map) We are only 2 blocks from the San Diego Convention center ,  Padres ball park,San Diego bay ,and dozens of fine Restuarants and  other attractions ..... 431 J  street    San Diego , CA. 92101 .......  (619) 696-9054




Some of the items you'll find handmade on the premises at our San Diego store and online:...Exotic belts handmade on the premises in any length or widthAlligator belts,,,,,,,,Ostrich belts.,,,  Lizard belts, ,,,,Stingray belts, ,,, Shark belts     ,Exotic hide wallets handmade using no cloth or fillers in an aray of colors,Alligator wallets ....   Ostrich wallets,,,,   Lizard wallets, ,,,,Stingray wallets, Alligator bags,,One of kind handmade jewelry  Gold and gemstone jewelry,Silver and Turquoise Jewelry,Native American Jewelry,,,,,, Sterling Silver belt buckles,.... Western belt buckles,,,,,Handmade Custom made Cowboy Boots,,,,,,,Alligator boots ,,,,Custom Alligator shoes,Luxury Gifts  for men and women                                                                                                                                   Along with the items John Allen makes on the premises we are proud to offer works by some of the most respected and finest metal artists in  America,....Doug Magnus buckles,...David Dear buckles, ....Vogt silversmiths and others..




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